2018 MACAA Annual Conference
Fighting Poverty “Call to Action”
December 10-12, 2018
Hilton Jackson

Webinar Series!

Agency-wide Strategic Planning
October 18, 2018:  2pm CT/3pm ET
Presenter:  Jarle Crocker, Director of T/TA – CAP

An efficient organization knows where it is headed, how the board and staff fit into that future, and how it will measure its success in achieving what it has set out to do. This agency-wide process of strategic planning sets the tone and course of the Community Action Agency to meet its mission.  This webinar will cover the process and elements of strategic planning, as well as how it connects to ROMA, compliance with Organizational Standards, and other agency processes such as the Community Needs Assessment. Register

Engaging the Community to Support Community-Level Work
November 27, 2018:  2pm CT/3pm ET
Presenter:  Courtney Kohler, Senior Associate T/TA – CAP

Community-level needs are complex and often cannot be met through efforts of a single organization.  Therefore, formal and informal partnerships, ongoing community planning, advocacy, and engagement of people with low incomes is critical to addressing the needs and revitalizing communities.  This webinar will cover the elements of community level work and the importance of engaging key stakeholders to achieve change. Register

Self-Assessment for the Community Action Agency Board
January 8, 2018:  2pm CT/3pm ET
Presenter:  Jarle Crocker, Director T/TA – CAP

Community Action boards are unique and foundational to good organizational performance.  The time invested to keep them healthy and active is significant, but necessary.  This includes not only recruitment, education, and retention, but also evaluating the performance of the board to determine strengths and areas for improvement.  This webinar will cover board self-assessment as a way for a board to evaluate themselves in areas such as compliance, procedures, training, and overall governance of the agency.  Register

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